More availability and energy efficiency at the click of a mouse


    Simple fault diagnosis and resolution – online

    Remote diagnosis enables our service staff to use their office PC to manage and influence the operation of your CNC controls.
    The following functions are available to our service staff:

    • Remote control: remote operation and monitoring of the CNC controls (also PLC)
    • File transfer: transmission of files to and from the CNC controls file system
    • Chat: using the screen to conduct dialogs between an operator and the service staff

    The following remote access connections are possible:

    • P2P connection via a modem (analog or ISDN)
    • Connection via the Internet and a UMTS router
    • Connection via the Internet and an intermediate server

    You too can benefit from our remote diagnosis service:

    • Service cost savings due to less frequent service interventions on the machines
    • Increase in machine availability due to fast online presence on site


    Preventive avoidance of machine failures

    Condition-based maintenance prevents unplanned machine downtimes non-routine repairs and consequential damage due to failures.<br/> Long-term changes in your machines are recorded by the regular measurement and collation of machine data and a fingerprint is created.<br/> This provides you with information about faults and damage to bearings and axes, long before they can be determined conventionally.

    You too can benefit from our fingerprint service:

    • Predictable machine downtimes
    • Reduced maintenance costs
    • Higher system availability
    • Predictable procurement of spare parts
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    Realize potential energy savings

    Our energy monitor is used to capture energy data (electrical energy, compressed air, fluid) and provide different views on total consumption, current consumption and consumption per workpiece or per shift. The updatable software is intuitive and easy to integrate.

    You too can benefit from our energy monitoring service:

    • Generate knowledge about the current situation
    • Discover and realize savings potentials
    • Relevant for calculating your carbon footprint
    • Indirect condition monitoring:
      comparable machines and processes,
      yet different energy consumption


    Reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions

    Our energy efficiency package helps to persistently optimize the energy consumption of machines and systems. You can therefore reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions and promote your company's green credentials.

    You too can benefit from our energy efficiency package:

    • Components with a higher degree of efficiency
    • Regulated pumps and compressors
    • Needs-driven connection and disconnection of components
    • Interval switching for certain components
    • Profile-controlled sleep mode