Maximum availability for your machine tools


    Rapid assistance in emergencies

    FFG considers that machine repair not only involves the replacement of defective components, but also thorough investigation of the reason for the breakdown. We will initiate specific measures in relation to your machine type and the cause of the damage.

    You too can benefit from our repair service:

    • Machine repair by qualified FFG service technicians
    • High availability of spare parts and components
    • Technicians trained for your machines
    • Fast and reliable assistance due to our global service network


    Prevention is better than repair

    Preventive maintenance is a valuable measure in averting unplanned disruptions from the outset. At least once a year or after consultation, an experienced technician visits you to inspect and document the functionality and performance of your machines and equipment. Irregularities are detected at an early stage, faults prevented in advance and downtime minimized.

    You too can benefit from our maintenance service:

    • Machine maintenance by FFG Service
    • Detailed status report as per checklist
    • Original wear parts with manufacturer warranty
    • Individual service contracts


    Extend the life of your machines

    A regular inspection by competent FFG technicians increases the life of your process chain and helps to prevent costly repairs and consequential damage.
    Inspections perfectly tailored to your individual machine types ensure high availability and longevity.

    You too can benefit from our inspection service:

    • Geometric validation of your machine
    • Detailed status report as per geometry record
    • Measurement of linear and rotary axes using laser metrology
    • Compensation of the evaluated deviations
    • Logged measurement sequence of the axes
    • Fingerprint


    Your machine tools almost like new

    Even the best machine wears out after years of tough everyday use. Professional, customized reconditioning can assure or even increase the overall efficiency of your machine.

    You too can benefit from our reconditioning service:

    • Reconditioning of your mechanical and electrical equipment
    • Execution of the work on-site or in our retrofit centers upon consultation
    • Work performed according to the original manufacturer's documentation
    • International references and experience in the new machines business


    More efficiency for your production processes

    In everyday life, you are fully engaged with your own production processes. There is generally no spare time available to analyze and optimize ongoing processes. Yet full capacity (three shifts / seven working days) does not permit any increase in production volume and output. So you need extra production space, additional production halls and other production facilities and machine operators to increase your production volume. In short: major investment. Although optimizing existing processes and cycle times can potentially achieve the same result at a significantly lower level of investment.

    You too can benefit from our optimization service:

    • Non-binding assessment of the potential
    • Optimization of machining time and idle time
    • Modular proposal showing your individual optimization blocks
    • Significant increase in your productivity
    • Reduced costs per workpiece


    Ensure the long-term availability of your machines

    We are happy to take care of all your maintenance tasks. The intensity of the tasks will be agreed with you in detail as per your requirements. The entry level can be to do all necessary repairs on your machines. In the context of a full-service agreement, such as at a large German truck manufacturer, we are responsible for the safe operation of all their systems delivered by us or third parties – from spare part supply via maintenance and service intervals through to providing staff.

    You too can benefit from our maintenance management:

    • Maximizing and preserving the availability of your production facilities
    • The best possible utilization of your systems
    • Predictable downtimes
    • Predictable resource requirements
    • Predictable maintenance costs
    • Value preservation in production facilities
    • Minimization of the total cost of ownership (TCO)