Simply more for your machine tools


    More productivity, reduced costs and downtime

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    The FFG Europe & Americas hotline and teleservice are your direct line to our service experts in all technology fields: turning centers, milling and grinding machines, rotary transfer machines and gear cutting machines.

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    Protect investments, secure overall efficiency

    Our retrofitting, retooling and relocation service helps you to protect the investment made in your machines and systems and to operate them at maximum overall efficiency.

    Overhaul and retrofit

    A professional, customized overhaul and modernization can assure or even increase the overall efficiency of your machines.

    Pfiffner ReVest®

    The Pfiffner ReVest® program involves a team of specialists with over 30 years of know-how overhauling your rotary transfer machines and equipping them with the latest technology.


    Use our efficient retooling solutions to achieve a sustainable increase in your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), e.g. for new workpieces, materials and machining processes.


    Ideal process flows often require machines and equipment to be relocated. We can undertake this on your behalf – either within your factory or to another production site.


    Reconditioned machines at attractive terms

    Looking for factory reconditioned machines? We can offer you a wide selection of current machines.



    How to keep your machine tools operational

    Original spare parts from the manufacturer and our 24/7 delivery service keep all brands of FFG turning, milling, grinding and gear cutting machines operating smoothly. You too can benefit from individual stocking concepts for all the necessary spare parts.


    Reliability in spindle performance


    Have your spindles overhauled at high balancing quality and enjoy our quick and easy completion.


    Take advantage of jointly developed loop concepts for ideal stocking of replacement spindles for emergencies.


    Maximum availability for your machine tools

    Need quick help with repair? Like to use preventive maintenance, periodic inspections and professional reconditioning to increase the service life and availability of your machines? Want unique know-how to optimize your manufacturing processes or integrated maintenance management? Our service team is globally available to you!

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    Imparting in-depth expert knowledge

    Competent specialists are the foundation for the best possible use and exploitation of your FFG machines. Our training courses provide your employees with practical qualifications and impart expert knowledge about the different machine types.


    More availability and energy efficiency at the click of a mouse

    FFG software solutions permit remote diagnosis, machine data acquisition for preventive maintenance and energy optimization of your machine tools. Intuitive operation and simple integration mean you benefit from the advantages for your production processes even from the very beginning.

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    Remote diagnosis

    Remote diagnosis enables our service staff to use their office PC to control and influence the operation of your CNC controls


    You can use regular measurement and collation of machine data to detect faults and damage, long before they are identifiable using conventional methods

    Energy monitor

    You can use an energy monitor to visualize your energy and consumption data and reliably identify potential savings

    Energy efficiency package

    Our FFG energy efficiency package enables you to optimize the energy consumption of your machines and equipment and to reduce your energy costs and CO2 emissions.