State-of-the-art grinding machines for perfect results


    Grinding machines for specific applications

    The FFG portfolio includes specialized internal and external grinding machines, combined vertical machines for grinding, turning and milling, special machines for constant-velocity joints (drive shafts) and special grinding machines for bearings. All our grinding machines offer the highest productivity and overall efficiency during use.

    Meccanodora 1231/CNC

    The Meccanodora 1231/CNC is an internal grinding machine with a conventional 508 mm diameter grinding wheel operating at 63 m/s. This grinding machine is characterized by its ergonomic machine layout and has a built-in loader.

    Meccanodora cage grinding machines

    Meccanodora cage grinding machines enable virtually all machining operations for producing ball cages in CV joints or ball bearings. External grinding, internal grinding and window grinding can be realized with high efficiency - even using a double-spindle. 

    Meccanodora tripod grinding machines

    Meccanodora tripod grinding machines are specifically developed for grinding the pin diameter on tripod stars in CV joints. This enables targeted, high-precision grinding of hardened diameters to be circular or non-circular. 

    External cylindrical grinding machines

    Grinding machines with
    great flexibility

    The FFG portfolio includes external cylindrical grinding machines for universal use, or for special applications like railway axles. Extensive equipment options mean that all our grinding machines provide maximum flexibility and overall efficiency for individual applications.

    Morara MH

    Morara MH external cylindrical grinding machines are the perfect solution for grinding the end sections of railway axles. This rapid and precise grinding machine offers an ideal balance between quality and productivity at an attractive price.

    Morara Easy Quick OD

    Morara Easy Quick external cylindrical grinding machines are the perfect solution for all grinding companies seeking the greatest flexibility in production. Easy Quick cylindrical grinding machines can be adapted to the widest variety of grinding requirements, whether for individual pieces or small batch sizes.

    Tacchella Crossflex

    Tacchella Crossflex external cylindrical grinding machines are equipped with a conventional 610 mm grinding wheel or a CBN 500 mm grinding wheel for high-speed cuts.

    Tacchella Pulsar

    Tacchella Pulsar external cylindrical grinding machines are the ideal grinding solution for medium to large batch sizes. The Pulsar offers crossed and hydrostatic X and Z work axes and enables the use of both conventional and CBN grinding wheels with high cutting speeds.


    Cylindrical grinding machines for the automotive and railway sectors

    Cylindrical grinding machines with double wheel carriage in the FFG product range guarantee the highest level of productivity and quality, including machining workpieces in the automobile and railway sectors. Different grinding wheel configurations offer maximum flexibility for individual applications.

    Morara MT 2500 HD

    Morara MT 2500 HD cylindrical grinding machines with a double wheel carriage have been specifically designed for machining large workpieces like railway axles. This cylindrical grinding machine enables simultaneous precision machining of workpieces up to 2,500 mm in length.

    Tacchella Multitech

    Tacchella Multitech cylindrical grinding machines are mostly used in the automotive sector. They enable the combination of grinding and other technologies, such as hard turning, milling, drilling and thread cutting.


    Maximum flexibility in a single setup

    Internal cylindrical grinding machines in the FFG product program are available for innovative grinding, flexible application options and cost-effective operation with high part quality and repeatability. Ergonomic design simplifies the accessibility of all machine assemblies and significantly reduces retooling and maintenance effort.

    Morara Easy Quick ID

    Morara Easy Quick ID internal cylindrical grinding machines can be flexibly adapted to a wide variety of grinding requirements. Regardless of whether it involves couplings, sleeves, bushings, spindles or otherwise – either for individual pieces, small batch sizes or machining at multiple diameters.

    Morara MT ID

    Morara MT ID multi-spindle internal cylindrical grinding machines with horizontal axis are ideal for internal diameters and profiles and are the perfect solution for drilling and surface grinding in a single setup. The tool head unit is fixed. The universal turret head with built-in torque motor can hold up to four high-frequency spindles.


    The all-rounders for grinding external and internal diameters

    External/internal cylindrical grinding machines in the FFG portfolio keep setting new standards in terms of innovation, flexibility and overall efficiency at the highest part quality and repeatability. Ergonomic machine design simplifies the accessibility of all machine assemblies, increases ease of use, shortens setup times and reduces operating and maintenance costs.

    Morara MT Multimatic

    Morara MT Multimatic external/internal cylindrical grinding machines can be deployed universally as multifunction grinding machines. They have a cross slide and a turret with up to four grinding wheel spindles. MT Multimatic external/internal cylindrical grinding machines enable simultaneous grinding of inner and outer diameters and scraping on medium-sized workpieces up to 500 kg at a length of 250 mm and a diameter of 500 mm.

    Tacchella Proflex

    Tacchella Proflex external/internal cylindrical grinding machines offer maximum efficiency for grinding gear shafts, bearings, pump gears, spindles, etc. These grinding machines permit the use of two, three or four conventional 610 or 760 mm diameter grinding wheels.

    Universal grinding machines

    The all-rounders for customized precision grinding

    Universal grinding machines in the FFG Group product range are genuine all-rounders. Countless configuration options mean that these grinding machines can be flexibly equipped for different grinding tasks. They are the ideal solution for all grinding operations when it comes to maximum versatility in production – in conjunction with the highest performance, efficiency and productivity.

    Tacchella Elektra

    Tacchella Elektra universal grinding machines can be flexibly configured for different grinding tasks. These include the machining of shafts, tool holders, workpieces in general precision mechanics, punches, pump gears, etc. A wide range of options results in a total of 27 models being available.