Just the right twist for demanding machining


    Maximum flexibility for single parts and small and medium batch sizes

    Universal turning centers in the FFG portfolio offer a particularly wide range of applications and permit cost-effective use for single parts as well as small and medium batch sizes. A wide range of equipment options enables individual turning solutions for specific requirements.

    VDF Boehringer VDF DUS

    Cycle controls and the option for manual operation mean that VDF DUS turning machines are perfect for turning single parts and small series. Many model versions and a wide variety of options enable tailor-made solutions for your requirements.


    Rugged design for long lasting precision

    Horizontal turning centers or turn/mill centers in the FFG product range are perfect for high-quality machining of workpieces in any batch size. Manufacturers and suppliers benefit from extensive additional functions with which complex workpieces can be machined completely on these machines to increase productivity and reduce part costs.

    VDF Boehringer VDF T/TM

    Horizontal turning centers or turning-milling centers in the VDF T/TM series are the ideal choice for machining shafts and chuck parts in mass production for the automotive industry and its suppliers and for manufacturers and suppliers in the field of medium- and small-batch production.


    Maximum efficiency and throughput

    Vertical turning centers in the FFG product range combine high performance and machining precision with easy access and quickly adaptable automation. Productivity and throughput can therefore be flexibly adapted to individual requirements.

    Hessapp VDM

    Depending on machine type, Hessapp VDM vertical turning machines are ideal for small to large part sizes. These turning machines enable fully automated production, including process monitoring in heavy-duty cutting, hard machining and finished machining of railway wheels, transmissions, chassis parts and the like.

    SMS Accu-Cell

    The SMS Accu-Cell is a powerful, highly robust double spindle vertical turning center for use as a stand-alone machine or in conjunction with an integrated manufacturing system. This turning center provides an easily accessible working area for machining a wide variety of workpieces.

    SMS Crusader

    The SMS Crusader is a compact vertical turning center. It requires less space and enables easy manual access for loading. This turning center can easily be adapted for loading via gantries or robots to achieve an increase in efficiency and throughput. The compactness, portability and efficient, clear design permit a high degree of flexibility as a stand-alone machine or in conjunction with an integrated manufacturing system.


    Multifunctional use with automatic loading/unloading

    Pick-up vertical turning centers in the FFG product range are multi-process lathes for efficient turning, milling, drilling, grinding and gear manufacturing. Their advantages lie in built-in automatic loading and unloading, with especially economic operation at low part costs, and in multi-machine operation by decoupling the machine from the operator.

    Hessapp DVH

    Hessapp DVH pick-up vertical turning machines with one or two spindles are a guarantee for the highest yield rates and production quality. Numerous options enable the basic DVH machine body to be adapted to individual requirements. These include additional axes (X, Y) for drilling operations or an additional cross slide for 4-axis technology.

    Hessapp DVT

    Hessapp DVT pick-up vertical turning machines stand for uncompromising complete machining, with the highest precision for subsequent processing. The advantages are particularly evident in the case of two setups next to each other, since the part in the clamped state is passed to the subsequent chuck without any loss in position.

    SMS Challenger

    The SMS Challenger is a multi-functional, inverted turning center. The inverted spindle considerably simplifies loading and unloading thanks to the integrated gantry loader. Free chip removal ensures a clean work environment and part precision. This multi-process turning machine offers maximum flexibility for producing high-quality parts, including by turning and drilling, grinding or milling through to boring and thread cutting.

    Crankshaft machining

    Ideal crankshaft machining with the highest productivity

    The modular design of the current machine generation for crankshaft machining in the FFG portfolio enables individual adaptation to specific requirements. Their high processing standards and improved user-friendliness are ideally matched to the various requirements in stand-alone or systems production, with a wide variety of loading concepts.

    VDF Boehringer VDF Cx

    VDF Cx machines for crankshaft machining are perfect for 2-, 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-cylinder crankshafts up to 1,300 mm in length. These turning machines have powerful main and counter spindles and offer two different milling drives with active spindle cooling up to 4,870 Nm torque. The hydraulically swiveling workpiece support enables short setup times when changing parts as well as rapid conversion to four preset workpiece diameters.