MAG Factory Automation

Individual automation concepts for the automotive sector


    Integrated processes for smooth production

    As an automotive manufacturer or supplier you need fully automated overall concepts. – from measurement, assembly or washing applications that complete the mechanical machining, through to complete turnkey solutions.

    MAG designs individual automation concepts to meet these needs. This involves appropriate coordination of machines and automation as well as the integration of peripheral equipment e.g. for assembly or measuring.



    The level of automation in production will continue to increase in the next few years. As a result, more individual solutions are not only required for parts handling (transport via AGV, robots integrated into machines, etc.), but also for tasks such as tool changing and chip removal. This can enable increased use of unmanned shifts, resulting in improved production line productivity. MAG supports automobile manufacturers or suppliers in all automation tasks relating to their production.

    An overview of the MAG portfolio:

    • One point of contact for the customer
    • Interlinking systems from well-known automation companies with MAG automation intelligence
    • Highly flexible systems
    • Cleaning equipment: blow-off station for emulsion-free cleaning
    • Integrated measuring stations
    • Assembly stations (e.g. for adapter plate assembly): - multifunctional stations reduce investment costs and space requirements
    • The highest degree of availability due to perfectly matched systems
    • Turnkey installations for all major automobile manufacturers
    • Retooling
    • Expansion
    • Modifications to existing systems


    25 years of expertise and experience in automation

    Perfect integration of all system components

    Reduce the cost of supplier coordination by means of a central point of contact for the entire cell.

    Virtual commissioning

    Reduce capital costs by eliminating a test cell in the supplier plant and simultaneously save time for bidding and commissioning.

    Shorter delivery times

    Take advantage of synergies during commissioning and benefit from the parallel use of core competencies in system design.

    Comprehensive after-sales service

    Enjoy the comprehensive care provided by a single point of contact in all aspects of maintenance and retooling.

    Ideal cell logic/communication

    Increase efficiency and productivity by means of uniform control components with optimized coordination between machine and system components.



    MAG has realized a variety of sophisticated automation solutions for well-known automotive OEMs and suppliers over the last 25 years. Here is a selection:

    • Pallet changer (manual and loading via gantry)
    • Swivel changer loading using a gantry
    • Direct loading via gantry (from above)
    • Direct loading via robot (suspended and from the front)
    • Shuttle loading via belts

    You would like to know more about our automation solutions in the automotive sector? Simply contact us directly to discuss them. We will gladly provide information and advise you about your customized automation concept.