Machining centers and systems

Needs-based machining for individual demands



    Transfer and CNC machining centers in the FFG Group product range provide maximum productivity and top performance with a focus on overall efficiency. You can therefore rely on the highest part quality and maximum efficiency for all batch sizes.


    Single-spindle MAG SPECHT machining centres serve as high-quality CNC units for interlinked multi-machine systems as well as for use as single machines and in production cells. MAG SPECHT systems are often used with linear motor technology. They offer high dynamics with speeds up to 120m/min and accelerations up to 15m/s².


    The two spindles are synchronized in X/Y/Z via "dynamic axis compensation". Compensation of the spindle offset brings the precision of the single-spindle machine to the DUO.

    MAG XT 525

    The MAG XT 525 Transfer Center (formerly Ex-Cell-O Transfer Center) is a multi-spindle unit that uses sequential machining to replace several CNC machines. So the MAG XT 525 Transfer Center combines the high yield rates of a transfer line with the flexibility of a machining center – the fast and easy solution for complete machining of medium to large batch sizes and families of parts

    Multi-technology machines

    Complete machining in the highest quality

    Multi-technology machining centers in the FFG product range enable milling, turning and grinding of workpieces all with one machine – the ideal basis for the greatest productivity and overall efficiency with maximum part quality.

    MAG XG 692

    The MAG XG 692 multi-technology machining center with double-spindle concept enables complete milling, turning and grinding of constant-velocity cardan shafts. The MAG XG is ideal for machining housings and hub parts with high output and the highest quality standards.

    Vertical machining centers

    Maximum performance for every need

    Vertical machining centers in the FFG product portfolio combine the highest machining performance and precision with a long service life, constantly high part quality and ergonomic operation

    Sigma FLEXI

    Vertical SIGMA FLEXI 3-/5-axis machining centers provide a movable work table on the X-axis and enable the highest precision and quality of machined workpieces. Motor spindles developed in-house cater for long service life. They deliver power output up to 33 kW, torque up to 235 Nm and speeds up to 19,000 rpm.



    The MAG Eislingen site offers you near-series manufacture of pre-series production components for powertrain applications, such as cylinder heads, engine blocks or transmission cases. This involves using manufacturing processes with identical cutting values and tooling technologies as the original process.

    CNC programming, measuring technology and prototype production findings can therefore be transferred to the series equipment and projects, thus significantly reducing production costs.

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    MAG Factory Automation

    Integrated processes for smooth production

    As an automotive manufacturer or supplier you need fully automated overall concepts – from measurement, assembly or washing applications that complete mechanical machining through to complete turnkey solutions.

    MAG designs individual automation concepts to meet these needs. This involves appropriate coordination of machines and automation as well as the integration of peripheral equipment, e.g. for assembly or measuring.

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