Large part machining

The heavy-duty machining experts

    High speed machines

    Highly dynamic machining of large parts

    FFG Group machining and milling centers for high-speed machining, including of parts for the automotive and aerospace sectors, can easily withstand the toughest of static and dynamic loads. You can therefore rely on the highest part quality and maximum efficiency, even with large part machining.

    Jobs Grand Speeder

    The Jobs Speeder and Grand Speeder are vertical gantry milling centers. They feature electro-welded structures and movable crossbeams that move on two pillars. Their special machine architecture enables high positioning and configuration flexibility, large part processing and outstanding dynamics.

    Jobs Robodrim

    The Jobs Robodrim 200 is a drilling and milling robot using Cartesian coordinates. It can be used with a 2- or 3-polar axis machining and/or handling robot. As a highly productive machine, the Jobs Robodrim was specifically designed for processing large aircraft components.

    Rambaudi RC270

    Rambaudi RC270 milling and machining centers are ideal for processing parts larger than 9 m3. Both machining head and machine structure have been designed for high static and dynamic loads. Their cutting performance in steel is over 200 cm3 /min and in aluminum over 3,000 cm3 /min.

    High-performance machines

    Pure power for maximum cutting performance

    High-performance milling machines in the FFG product range offer machine structures that were specifically developed for high-performance machining of workpieces. You can therefore always rely on high cutting performance, ideal surface finish and top part quality – with low operating and maintenance costs.

    Jobs Linx

    Jobs Linx currently comprises the most complete family of high-performance milling machines with linear motors. Their combination of linear motor and highly rigid structure enables maximum speed and acceleration, dramatically reduces production times and ensures the highest accuracy and surface quality. Maintenance costs are also lower due to fewer wear parts.

    Jobs Ever 7

    The Jobs Ever range includes medium-sized milling centers. They have a movable gantry for 3, 3+2, 4 and 5-axis machining with highly dynamic performance and high cutting ability. The Jobs Ever offers the highest application flexibility with low operating and maintenance costs.

    Universal milling machines

    Top precision for each application

    Universal milling machines and machining centers in the FFG portfolio feature a particularly wide range of applications. They are therefore true all-rounders in metal cutting – without compromising in terms of performance, productivity, ergonomics and overall efficiency.

    Sachman Frazer

    The Sachman Frazer is a medium-sized horizontal milling center with a column that travels along the X-axis. This milling machine is available in two versions (Box and Open). Its special characteristics are an extremely low hourly cost, a minimized base given its continuous bed and maximum rigidity and compactness.

    Sachman Thor 100

    Sachman Thor 100 horizontal milling centers feature movable columns and high performance. They offer a dynamic system that compensates for variables in machining geometries, along with innovative axis kinematics. This ensures maximum application flexibility plus low operating and maintenance costs.

    Sachman TS10

    Sachman TS10 milling centers with lateral column movement enable the highest geometric accuracy and offer high cutting capacity irrespective of the transverse axis position. They also provide excellent visibility and spindle accessibility for machining.

    Sachman TRT10

    The Sachman TRT10 milling center is equipped with a traveling NC rotary table. It is distinguished by very easy loading, excellent access, high geometric accuracy, compactness and its full protective enclosure.

    Jobs Ever 1 and 5

    The Jobs Ever 1 is a CNC milling center with three or five axes for working with a spatially adjustable tool axis. This milling center has a fixed gantry and movable table. It can therefore be equipped both with a vertical spindle and with an indexing or interpolating milling head. The Jobs Ever 5 was developed for high-performance applications in general mechanics and the energy sector. It features a mobile gantry with X-axis guides beneath floor level and walk-in covers.

    Sachman T/TRT314

    Sachman T/TRT314 machining centers have 3+2, 4+2, 5 and 6 axes and a column moving along the transverse axis. They provide a traveling table (T model) or a rotary/sliding table (TRT model). Lateral column movement and the absence of a cross carriage enable excellent geometric accuracy to be achieved in all phases of workpiece machining.

    Rambaudi Sara

    The Rambaudi Sara (fixed gantry with movable table) is the result of a specific project between the brands Rambaudi and Sanco. This machine is characterized by:

    • High torque at low speeds
    • High rigidity and accuracy
    • Extremely ergonomic compartment for chips and fluid protection
    • Linear guides with high rigidity, low friction and noise-free operation
    • Configuration options with a comprehensive range of peripherals

    Heavy duty machines

    Top performance under the most difficult conditions

    High-performance milling centers in the FFG product range are always used when it comes to precise heavy-duty machining of the most demanding workpieces and materials. Innovative technologies with highly robust machine structures ensure maximum precision and efficient use under the most difficult conditions.

    Jobs TRT1000

    Jobs TRT1000 high-performance milling machines provide linear roller guides on all three axes. Their large dimensions and slide blocks on all axes enable high velocity and acceleration with outstanding rough machining performance. A rotary table traveling along the X-axis along with a pallet changer and two pallet spaces in front of the machine enable operation in oscillation mode.

    Jobs Jomax

    Jobs Jomax high-performance milling machines, in horizontal or vertical design, were developed for machining components in precision mechanics, the energy sector and in heavy mechanical engineering. Their focus is on form machining using large form holders and tools, including the intensive machining of large structural parts made of titanium. A large range of peripherals and tools offers maximum flexibility.

    Sachman Thor 200

    Sachman Thor 200 high-performance milling centers have a mobile column and offer high dynamic performance in terms of accuracy and rigidity over considerable axis travel paths. These milling machines are distinguished by a dynamic system that compensates for variables in machining geometries, along with innovative axis kinematics. These enable the machining of demanding materials like carbon and titanium.

    Jobs Tarkus

    Jobs Tarkus high-performance milling centers, in horizontal or vertical design, offer a patented architecture, which includes a fixed gantry on the X-axis and a movable gantry on the Z-axis. This enables high cutting capacity in tough materials, together with high structural rigidity and constant accuracy along the entire length of the Z-travel path.

    Rambaudi Rammatic

    Rambaudi Rammatic milling centers were developed with a swivel head for machining contours on components for the aviation industry made of aluminum, steel and titanium alloys. The swivel head with A and B axes provides the highest level of rigidity and cutting capacity. It also achieves maximum volumetric accuracy with excellent visibility of the cutting area.