Gear manufacturing

State-of-the-art machines for perfect results

    Hobbing machines

    Hobbing machines for external gears

    Powerful and flexible hobbing machines from the FFG portfolio offer the highest productivity and a wide range of applications. A wide range of equipment options enable individual gear manufacturing solutions for specific requirements.

    Modul H 80 – H 400

    Designed for requirements in the high-performance range, Modul H 80 – H 400 hobbing machines guarantee maximum yield rates – from flexible single part and small series production through to mass production.

    Modul H 600 – H 2300

    MODUL H 600–H 800 hobbing machines enable machining using tools made of high speed steel, carbide or other modern materials. In addition to soft machining, skiving as a means of finishing hardened gears is also possible.

    Chamfering and deburring machines

    Chamfering and deburring machines for gears

    Chamfering and deburring machines from the FFG product range enable straight and helical gears to be chamfered, smoothed and deburred prior to hardening.
    Modul can offer ideal processing technologies for customer requirements – such as press deburring, chamfer-cutting or milling. The chamfering can be coupled with gear hobbing machines or integrated into them to achieve parallel machining.
    Cutting discs or brushes are used for deburring. These machines are suitable for manual loading or for use with various automation concepts.

    Modul CD

    Modul CD chamfering and deburring machines with press tools can be used for wet or dry machining. The CDX 250 in particular, with its two tool heads each with five turrets, is outstanding for numerous machining tasks in serial production.

    Skiving machines

    Skiving machines with a wide range of additional functions

    Skiving machines from the FFG portfolio guarantee maximum productivity; from flexible single part and small series production through to mass production. These skiving machines are suitable for dry or wet machining with tools made of high speed steel, carbide or other modern materials. Hardened gears can also be finished in addition to soft machining.

    Modul VS 250

    Modul VS 250 skiving machines are ideal for machining external and internal gears. These skiving machines are equipped with a tool changer and can perform a variety of operations and auxiliary functions, such as the chamfering and deburring of gears as well as drilling or turning.

    Bevel gear cutting machines

    Bevel gear cutting machines for high-performance machining

    Bevel gear cutting machines in the FFG portfolio are suitable for high-performance requirements. They guarantee the highest level of productivity for single-part and small series production through to mass production. They also enable gear manufacture via one- or multi-cut machining or using the plunge cutting method. They are preferred for uses in soft machining, although finished milling of hardened bevel gears is also possible.

    Modul B 320

    Modul bevel gear milling machines with two directly driven milling spindles enable the high-performance machining of straight bevel gears. Two cutter heads equipped with single blades work synchronously to create involute tooth flanks, whereby the adjustable contact pattern is symmetrical to the tooth height (the Konvoid generation principle).