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    Mercedes-Benz Group AG

    MAG IAS GmbH supplies manufacturing technology for electric powertrains

    The system supplier for machine tools, MAG IAS GmbH, has been commissioned with the delivery of two production lines for housing components of the future powertrain of Mercedes-Benz Group AG vehicles. With its systems for the production of powertrain components, MAG IAS GmbH is a permanent fixture at all automotive companies producing worldwide. The development of new manufacturing systems for the machining of workpieces of the electric powertrain is the central challenge that MAG is successfully facing due to the progressive change towards E-vehicles. With the proven and excellent machines of the SPECHT series and a technologically leading process, parts of the electric powertrain (eATS) will be manufactured at the Untertürkheim plant in the future. The premium manufacturer is thus once again placing its trust in the competence and implementation strength of MAG IAS GmbH in a strong competitive environment.

    Both production systems for the eATS drive housing and the eATS bearing shields were ordered as turnkey plants and, in addition to the machining of the components, also include automation, cleaning of the components, assembly, and leak testing of the oil chambers. MAG IAS GmbH specializes as a system supplier for vehicle powertrain components and also supplies other premium and volume suppliers of e-vehicles with production equipment. The aforementioned components are finish-machined on a total of 20 SPECHT 600 DUO CNC machines, each with 2 work spindles. By using linear motors for the axis drives, the customer benefits from highest productivity and precision as well as low maintenance costs. The agile manufacturing cells of the plant stand for the flexibility of the drive types in the same way as for future modifications to the components. "We are very pleased about this important order. With this order, MAG is consistently continuing its transformation towards becoming a system supplier for the production technology of components in the electric drive train," says Dr. Sebastian Schöning, Managing Director of MAG IAS GmbH. 



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